In search of an existence, 
that’d almost sublimed, 
the true meaning of my innerself 
is still to be defined.

don’t you be prejudice about me, 
atleast for this mankind
although I am colour, but for humanity’s sake 
its better to be a colourblind.

neither restrict me within those borders 
nor into your minds, 
just as yours, even my birth is possible, 
together when my blend got binds.

neither conclude any pessimistic implication of mine 
as it can’t be named, 
nor fill me in your pictures of hatred 
as the same couldn’t be framed.

do not search hatred, into my 
different hue and shades, 
recognize my true character 
before the colour of humanity fades.

I do not belong to any religion, 
nor I do own any race
I am boundless like that sky 
that do not have a defined face.

do not classify me into violent names, 
that cause mankind to extirpate
leave me with my unbound existence, 
before I appear as a reason to hate.

paint your hearts with me 
but not your discriminative minds, 
so what I am colour but for humanity’s sake 
its better to be a colourblind. 

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