Lost Within…


A bit separate, but close we are
Stayed away, still not so far
Laugh alone, even cried hard
Being desperate, we stood apart

Some thought we’ve fallen,
Into a love of first sight
We told, we raised either,
Once when our heart, knocked from right

A dream to spare,
A gesture to share
Together with you, I can relive
My stubborn moments of despair

Thus the moment is caught when we,
Met lastly on a fine day
To begin our soulful journey amid,
To end that despairing delay

Our affectionate souls are melting
Into the warmth of ecstasy
My breath rhyming with yours
Heart beats merging within, being Poesy

Drowning deep within you,
I am searching down the lost me
So desperate to pluck the love fruit,
From our new life’s naïve tree

On an unknown road unseen
I am moving away, deep into blue
I am sure about, being least afraid
As my destination is with me, that’s you.

Emotions spurring amidst
Our introvert gaps are turning thin
Don’t know how, when and where
Certainly into each other, we’ve lost within!

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  1. This poem is beautiful! The author’s use of imagery and metaphors to describe the connection between two people is powerful and moving. The poem depicts the journey of two people who are in love and how they find solace in each other’s company. The use of words like “desperate,” “stubborn,” and “naïve” adds depth and emotion to the poem. Overall, it’s a great poem.

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