समुन्दर किनारे

October 1, 2016 in हिन्दी-उर्दू कविता

हर लहर उठती है एक नयी उम्मीद लेकर
खाती ठोकर चट्टानों की,अपना सबकुछ देकर
फिरभी खिंचती चली आए, मिलने किनारे से
इन दोनों का प्यार चला है इक ज़माने से

एक अरसे से किनारा भी उसकी कदर करे
खुली बाहें और प्यार भरे दिल से सबर करे
वहीँ मिलते ही खुशियों के बुलबुले बने
और वहां बैठे प्रेमियों के भी सिलसिले चलें

कुदरत के रोमांस का ये अद्भुत अंदाज
खुद ही संगीत दे और खुद ही है साज़
जीते ये सदियों से एक दूसरे के सहारे
कुछ देर और बीठलु मैं समुन्दर किनारे


September 24, 2016 in हिन्दी-उर्दू कविता

फूलों में जैसे लाली
शबनम की प्याली
तितली की उड़ान
जवां इश्क़ ए कव्वाली

घुंगरू की छमछम
बजे कानों में हरदम
तेरी पायल भी बोले
हमसे कुछ कमकम

हंसी बेपना नूरानी
छलके इसकदर जवानी
आओ मिलकर लिखें
अपनी एक अलग कहानी


August 22, 2016 in English Poetry

I was, I am & I shall be
For I am the soul
Never is a part of me
I always am, whole

I change bodies
I transcend life
I am the energy
The universe is rife

I am eternal
I do not die
I am the truth
That will never lie

Seeking God
Seems your goal
Look within
God is your soul

Romantic rain

July 6, 2016 in English Poetry

It was music, this subtle sound
A serenity, rhythmic joy abound
Pit a pat on the eaves t’was rain
My emotions lent free, no refrain

Tickling the fresh duranta leafs
In sync, as though the piano keys
Natures orchestra just playing out
Heaven this was, without doubt

The varied hues of blissful green
Countryside, a sight to be seen
Velvet moss on rocks, as ferns smile
Kaleidoscopic scene, mile after mile.

Romance the flavor of this season
Heart beats faster, needs no reason
Rainy days, a treat to be aware
When God is out with life giving ware.

A little

June 21, 2016 in English Poetry

A little bit of rain
Outside my window pane

Few drops of pure life
Loads of emotions rife

Every being, but smile
Atleast for a while

Forgetting daily pain
A little bit of rain


June 11, 2016 in शेर-ओ-शायरी

लिख कर बयां नहीं हो सकता वो एहसास
याद करो, जो नज़रें आपस में कह गयीं


June 11, 2016 in English Poetry

In this world
I belong
And this world is mine

With time
I belong
And we move on

To think
At times together

My thoughts
With space
As we hurl forward

To recollect
Of this world time and space

There she is

June 8, 2016 in English Poetry

And lo & behold, there she was
Right in front of my eyes.

As the rustling of the leaves stopped,
She was right in front of me.

As the bumble bee hummed
She was right in front of me.

As the breeze swayed the trees
She was right in front of me.

As the fragrance of the flowers spread,
She was right in front of me.

As the raindrops pluttered outside,
She was right in front of me.

Her eyes full of love,
Her heart all divine,

She jumped into my arms,
This Pussy cat of mine.

Where is she

June 7, 2016 in English Poetry

As the rustling of the leaves stopped,
I could hear her footsteps.

As the bumble bee hummed
I could hear her footsteps.

As the breeze swayed the trees
I could hear her footsteps.

As the fragrance of the flowers spread,
I could hear her footsteps.

As the raindrops pluttered outside,
I could hear her footsteps.

As my imagination ran wild,
I could hear her footsteps.

As my eyes opened slowly
She was nowhere in sight.

My imagination had taken over
Till I could not think right.

And I can still hear the footfall.
But She’s nowhere in sight.


June 2, 2016 in English Poetry

Till then I knew not a thing,
Till then I was just living alone
No dreams, no waiting, no love
If only I had all along known.

Her eyes had said it all
Her fragrance did enthrall
Was I blind to her wink?
Why did it just not sink?

The times gone by
The seasons, the sky,
All came back awhile,
Now I see in her smile.

Hazel eyes, ebony eyelash
Sparkle love, like the rash
The pout, her lips seem to say,
Dearest, do come my way.

Her fragrance spreads for a mile
Across meadows, across the Nile
To Cleopatra’s land of charms
Like the sway of it’s palms

Her hair falls like silk,
Skins pure as milk,
Behind the ear, with care,
She tucks that lock of hair.

Her standing by the door
Radiating beauty galore
Like the stars did she twinkle
This beauty, this Periwinkle.


May 31, 2016 in English Poetry

(A tribute to my Dad on his death anniversary)

No tombstone can bury you
No fire can ever burn
You live in me, every moment
I meet you at every turn
Years ago you thought you left me
Na, this you never could
Cause you can never leave me
A fact, I always understood
My every breath is yours
My eyes see what u see
Those lovely colourful flowers
That humming honey bee.
My ears always yearn
To hear whatever’s said to you
The melodies, the jingle of bells
The burst of diwali crackers too
The sweetness of your taste
Never bitter, serene as a dove
The pleasures we derived together
Sharing our meals & love
I still smell those moments
I still smell, as you would
The aroma from Mom’s kitchen
And prayers mingled with sandlewood
My every breath is yours
I touch & feel you dear Dad
Feelings cannot change with time
You live in me, so I’m never sad

कुछ कह गए तेरे कानों के झुमके

May 27, 2016 in शेर-ओ-शायरी

कुछ कह गए तेरे कानों के झुमके
कुछ बातें कर गए तेरे कंगन, कलाई
ज़ुल्फ़ें कर गयी इशारा हवा के झोंके में
और तुम कहती हो कुछ बात न हो पायी

Every evening

May 26, 2016 in English Poetry

Every evening
Another opportunity is lost
Some undone work that’s going to cost.

Every evening
What’s gone is gone
Time to rest, Time to wait for the morn’.

Every evening
Down will go the sun
Another opportunity to have a little fun.

Every evening
Time to gather your thought(s)
Let past go by, lesson learnt or not.

Every evening
Darkness awaits for sure
Renew the resolve & go find a cure.

Every evening
Is Gods way to say
Rest now my child, morning is on its way.

And then friends…..

Every morning……go to my previous poem…..

Every morning

May 17, 2016 in English Poetry

Every morning
The sun rises with a new hope
A new desire to live, to survive & cope.

Every morning
The night gives up its might
New ambitions begin to assert their rights.

Every morning
Its back to the unfinished work
With renewed vigour, with a new perk.

Every morning
The seed sprouts a new shoot
Spreading life above, binding with its root.

Every morning
A new day has a new start
With new hope in every heart.

Every morning
Love begins to grow again
Leaving a few, sad ones with its pain.

Every morning
The cool breeze wispers in my ear
You’r alive and have nothing to fear.
So, go out & live, live a life you’v always wished for
Live to the fullest, every moment , every minute , every hour.

I seek, like him

May 12, 2016 in English Poetry

Its another lonely night
In the mountains
Like the full moon above
I seek, like him

He has stars to adore
In my sky
And the ocean
Waves to him
I seek, like him

Around, wrapping their arms
Play hide & seek
Moonlight flickering in
I seek, like him

Shimmer in the still lake
Together, a subtle dance
Two souls, perfect rhythm
I seek, like him

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