Every evening

Every evening
Another opportunity is lost
Some undone work that’s going to cost.

Every evening
What’s gone is gone
Time to rest, Time to wait for the morn’.

Every evening
Down will go the sun
Another opportunity to have a little fun.

Every evening
Time to gather your thought(s)
Let past go by, lesson learnt or not.

Every evening
Darkness awaits for sure
Renew the resolve & go find a cure.

Every evening
Is Gods way to say
Rest now my child, morning is on its way.

And then friends…..

Every morning……go to my previous poem…..

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      1. Nowadays, especially in WoW, people usually are being sarcastic by saying GG or good game.  They are either complaining (as in the GG Blizz example) or berating someone’s lack of leet pwnage.

      2. Hey there bumz. Called dentist. Last 4 pills are for the day before my next dental cleaning of dental work of and kind. In other news, I hate my legs, I hate my back, and whoever invented back braces never endured Texas humidity. Also, they cleaned the apt pool and I’m not allowed to go in until June 1!!!!! Wah!!!!!

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