From Hope to Reality: A Dreamer’s Tale

When shadows cast their gloom around,
And doubts within your heart abound,
Fear not, my friend, for hope is near,
A beacon bright, dispelling all fear.

In life’s vast tapestry, dreams unfold,
An unseen force, both strong and bold,
It whispers softly in your ear,
“Keep your hopes high, for success is near.”

When challenges loom, like mountains high,
And failures taunt, tempting to comply,
Remember, dear soul, with steadfast will,
Your dreams can conquer, they can fulfill.

In every setback, find strength anew,
Embrace the fire that burns in you,
For hope ignites the spark of might,
And guides you through the darkest night.

Let not the naysayers’ voices sway,
Their doubts and harsh criticism at bay,
For you possess within your core,
The power to rise and explore.

Believe, my friend, in your own worth,
Unleash the dreams that gave you birth,
Through resilience and unwavering trust,
You’ll soar above, beyond the dust.

Embrace the journey, fierce and true,
With eyes fixed on horizons anew,
Let hope’s gentle whisper be your guide,
As you navigate life’s changing tide.

For dreams can blossom, dreams can thrive,
When hope’s flame within you will revive,
Keep your hopes high, let them ascend,
And watch as miracles gracefully blend.

In the tapestry of life, you weave,
A story of triumph, if you believe,
So hold your dreams with unwavering sight,
And let hope’s radiance guide you to the light.

For in the realm of possibilities untold,
You’ll find the strength to be bold,
With hopes held high, the world you’ll brave,
And achieve the good your heart does crave.

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मुझे याद रहा,  तुम भूल गए  कहने को दो दिल चार आँखे हम, थी एक रूह में बस्ती जान हमारी कहने को दिया और बाती हम, थी बस लौ ही पहचान हमारी   मदमस्त हवाओं के झोंकों से, थे लहराते गाते जज़्बात हमारे, उतार सजाया आस्मानो में, थे सपने जो जनमें पलकों तले हमारे   कुछ यूँ खाईं थी क़समें हमने, हर हाल में प्यार निभाएँगे मिल पाए तो ज़िन्दा हैं, ना मिल पाए तो यादों में निभाएँगे   हुए गर तन से ज़ुदा तो क्या, ज़ुदा ना मन से कभी हो पाएँगे गर साँसें छोड़ जाएँ साथ तो क्या, जन्मो का साथ निभाएँगे   बरसों से हम उसी मोड़ पे अटके, राह जहां से तुम बदल गए मोहब्बत को नए मायने दे कर,…


  1. A beautifully woven poem on hope. In a world full of fake perfections seen all over the internet the poem describes perfectly how a person in distress can hang on to hope and keep moving ahead irrespective of the hardships faced. It tells us about comebacks, that are meant to happen if one keeps trying and does not give up and believe in oneself.
    There’s use of words that rhyme giving it a tone or a rhythm. There’s use of proper punctuations at the end of each stanza.
    My favourite line from the poem would be “So hold your dreams with unwavering sight,
    And let hope’s radiance guide you to the light” because it not only tells you to hold on to your dreams but also highlights how a person can hope and keep going and that will eventually guide them on the journey.


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