Tears in eyes instead of dreams.
Pains in heart instead of ecstasies.
Scars on skin instead of ink.
Thorns in hand instead of roses pinked.
Rebellions in bones instead of serenities.
Scattered thoughts in mind instead of peace.
A broken heart instead of love.
A scared soul that doesn’t trust.
A fierce warrior carrying the armours.
To hide the pain behind the laughters.
Wishing upon the stars that have burned,
Agonized by the wishes being returned.
Like they never reached the heavens…
For they don’t care about your existence
The darkness engulfing.
The cracks deepening.
What have we turned to ?
Where are we headed to ?
When do we leave ?
Where do we go ?
For how long do we pretend ?
Pretend that we are happy.
That we haven’t yet broke .
That we don’t want to skip to the end.
That it doesn’t hurt.
That we’re strong enough.
To fight the battles alone.
To be honest, we are.
But sometimes don’t we all crave for home ?
To be at a place that has barred
All the negativities
And the insecurities
From coming in
A place that’s a blessing.
When do we go there ?
When do we breathe in the sacred air ?
The familiar scent of freedom.
Freedom from all the burden,
That you are tired of carrying,
In your heart that goes on drowning,
Deeper in the sea of tears…
That you shed all these years.
So when do we go home ?
So when do we find peace ?
And which way should we go ?
Once we decide to take that journey.

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मुझे याद रहा,  तुम भूल गए  कहने को दो दिल चार आँखे हम, थी एक रूह में बस्ती जान हमारी कहने को दिया और बाती हम, थी बस लौ ही पहचान हमारी   मदमस्त हवाओं के झोंकों से, थे लहराते गाते जज़्बात हमारे, उतार सजाया आस्मानो में, थे सपने जो जनमें पलकों तले हमारे   कुछ यूँ खाईं थी क़समें हमने, हर हाल में प्यार निभाएँगे मिल पाए तो ज़िन्दा हैं, ना मिल पाए तो यादों में निभाएँगे   हुए गर तन से ज़ुदा तो क्या, ज़ुदा ना मन से कभी हो पाएँगे गर साँसें छोड़ जाएँ साथ तो क्या, जन्मो का साथ निभाएँगे   बरसों से हम उसी मोड़ पे अटके, राह जहां से तुम बदल गए मोहब्बत को नए मायने दे कर,…


  1. A very well-written poem. You have perfectly exhibited the façade most people wear in our society. Pretending to be strong either because we do not want to worry our loved ones or because we do not want to seem weak. You have very well exhibited the yearning for a place where we feel comfortable and warm and never seem to find it, no matter how much we try. I like how the concept of being hurt inside is written. This poem perfectly exhibits the feeling of being lost, broken, tired, and sad inside, which cannot be shown very well.

    1. Oh my god! When I posted this, I didn’t really think someone might actually read it. It means so much that you actually took the time to not just read but also understand it. Really grateful for this. <3

  2. This poignant poem delves into the depths of human emotion, capturing the raw and painful aspects of life. The imagery of tears, scars, and thorns evokes a sense of struggle and suffering, contrasting with the desire for dreams, love, and peace. The poet skillfully portrays the internal battles faced by individuals, their yearning for a place free from negativity and insecurity. The poem’s structure, with its rhythmic flow and emotive language, resonates with readers, reminding us of our shared experiences and the universal search for home and inner peace. This truly is a well written poem!

    1. Ayo, it means so much that you understood what I tried to portray through this. Thank you for the effort of going through the whole poem and the in-depth analysis as well as understanding. I really appreciate it. <3


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