Traces on the Lips

Let’s write this story incomplete but true,
A tale of longing, of memories I pursue.
I hold them close, for they’re all I possess,
Yet your hand eludes mine, a bittersweet distress.
Your smile, a beacon that lingers on my lips,
Though unseen, its warmth my heart still grips.
In the bright sunny clouds, I’ll seek your trace,
Or in the stillness of the night, a tranquil embrace.

Should tears cascade, let them freely flow,
For they carry the love we used to know.
In frames and nature’s canvas, I’ll find your grace,
A reminder of beauty, in every time and space.
Should I hold on tight or choose to let go,
Move forward, embrace a new ebb and flow?
Or should I venture to you, make our bond strong,
As you promised, when our hearts belonged?

But now I stand alone on the precipice’s edge,
Conversing with myself, like a maniac on a ledge.
If only you were here to answer these pleas,
To guide my heart amidst its desperate unease.
Alas, in this solitude, I must find my way,
Carry your essence in my thoughts each day.
Though incomplete, this story I shall write,
With the fragments of love, both dark and light.

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मुझे याद रहा,  तुम भूल गए  कहने को दो दिल चार आँखे हम, थी एक रूह में बस्ती जान हमारी कहने को दिया और बाती हम, थी बस लौ ही पहचान हमारी   मदमस्त हवाओं के झोंकों से, थे लहराते गाते जज़्बात हमारे, उतार सजाया आस्मानो में, थे सपने जो जनमें पलकों तले हमारे   कुछ यूँ खाईं थी क़समें हमने, हर हाल में प्यार निभाएँगे मिल पाए तो ज़िन्दा हैं, ना मिल पाए तो यादों में निभाएँगे   हुए गर तन से ज़ुदा तो क्या, ज़ुदा ना मन से कभी हो पाएँगे गर साँसें छोड़ जाएँ साथ तो क्या, जन्मो का साथ निभाएँगे   बरसों से हम उसी मोड़ पे अटके, राह जहां से तुम बदल गए मोहब्बत को नए मायने दे कर,…


  1. this poem is a beautiful and heartfelt expression of memories, longing, and complexities of love as it captures a sense of bittersweetness. The opening lines set up a tone for a tale of longing and pursuit of memories and it creates a sense of both comfort and fear of the absence of connection. It raises questions about whether to hold on or let go and this internal struggle adds complexity to the narrative. overall the poem conveys a sense of longing and emotional dept.


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