Whispers of the Soul

In the realm where dreams take flight,
Where words dance in the moon’s soft light,
I weave a tapestry of thoughts untold,
In verses that the heart does hold.

Through valleys deep and mountains high,
In the depths of sorrow and joy’s sweet sigh,
I wander, seeking solace and grace,
In the rhythm and cadence of this sacred space.

Oh, how the words do gently flow,
Like whispers of a breeze, soft and low,
They paint the canvas of my soul,
Expressing emotions, making me whole.

With ink as my guide, I wander far,
Exploring galaxies, both near and ajar,
I capture moments, frozen in time,
In the verses of this humble rhyme.

Through seasons’ dance, I find my voice,
Rejoicing in life’s symphony of choice,
In every word, a universe unfolds,
Where tales of love and mystery are told.

So let these lines weave a tapestry grand,
Unfolding emotions like grains of sand,
And may this poem touch your heart,
As we embark on this poetic art.

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  1. An ode to poetry!
    As a fellow poet, I could feel this piece brimming with appreciation for the art that is poetry. It holds us close, as we travel through experiences, and shelters us in the shadows. It gives life to the unnatural, and dazzles the living!


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