Milk mixed with blood is what she was fed
Playing with the damned souls like toys on her bed
In the world of men who claim to have might
She’s the spawn of the devil, we call her antichrist.

The sufferings of the man of which there is no dirth
She’s amazed at what sins mere human do birth

observing every detail
she says satan that whom we hail
details making her knowledgeable about humankind’s weakness
that’s what she has been screaming
Visiting a church to look normal
being an antichrist she knew she had to be formal
slitting the priest’s throat
taking over
sacrificing a goat
got worshiped
In the name of marry’s child
Got a kid sick his fever mild

Mascara overflowing
Black and red on the skin
Her flesh was pale white as marble
Her eyes are grey stones
Medusa they call her
Matted locks of her hair
Dance in wild abandon
No emotion
No expression
She silently waits for God’s son
In a world that doesn’t
look her in the eye
The savior of mankind
Shall make her his bride

Together they shall purge
The hypocrite society
That think love is a choice
Reserved for the high and mighty

-middle child

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