Sometimes I feel so lonely,
Just like the world is crashing down ,
And I’m the only one left behind in the crowd.
Everyone around is celebrating their success,
But I feel my life is a complete mess.
What stones have I left untouched?
Is there anything which I have left undone?
People says fortune favours the brave,
But is there anything which I have not craved?
From family get togethers to Friend’s birthday parties,
Everything was sacrificed.
But still why my success is denied?
Those foggy winter nights,
Those sunny summer lights,
Knows that I have put my blood, sweat and tears to make my future bright.
But still I’m left behind,
That too second time
Makes my heart cries every single time.
But the ray of hope never dies,
Waiting for miracle to happen this time.
In this hope, Once again lets fight,
And taste the plates of success this time.

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