Plural Singularity – A Family

I walked a million miles
Through vast deserts and countless trials
I met a gypsy by the sea
Carrying fun stories and spirit so free.

A pale tiny looking man whose name was Von
Peculiar habits that reminds me of a leprechaun
A Hindu on the West Coast, a staunch practitioner
Singing hymns and praises of Lord Krishna.

Met a girl named Chou who specialized in herbal medicine
She knew all the turns of the market, all the outs and ins.
I heard a braided woman shout something briefly
My little world knowledge hinting it to be maybe Swahili.
A towering gentleman crashed into me
With wares all woolen and a bottle of Hennessey.

Walking past this crowd with divergent identities
I wondered how different and plural were the complexities
Yet there breathed a certain string of commonality
A touch of flesh and bones and maybe humanity.
I ponder whether our division is due to some anomaly
Maybe, just maybe, the world is really one big family.

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