The Drops from heaven

From the vast expanse of the sky above,
Descend the drops of rain, like a gift of love.
They fall from the heavens, gentle and pure,
Nourishing the earth, a blessing to ensure.

Each drop holds a story, a tale untold,
As it touches the ground, a new chapter unfolds.
The rhythm of raindrops, a symphony divine,
Creating a melody that soothes the mind.

The parched earth eagerly awaits their embrace,
As the drops of heaven caress its weary face.
They quench the thirst of nature’s creation,
Reviving the essence of life’s formation.

The leaves of trees dance in joyous delight,
As the raindrops fall, washing away the plight.
The fragrance of wet soil fills the air,
A scent of freshness beyond compare.

The raindrops cleanse the polluted skies,
Washing away the dust that clouds our eyes.
They bring renewal to rivers, lakes, and streams,
Reviving their beauty, fulfilling their dreams.

In the drops of rain, there’s a sense of calm,
A connection to nature, a soothing balm.
They remind us of life’s cycles and grace,
As they nourish the earth, leaving no trace.

So let us cherish the drops from heaven’s embrace,
For they bring life, beauty, and a tranquil space.
In their gentle fall, we find solace and peace,
The drops from heaven, a divine release.

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