Bound by Blood, externally true

In the tapestry of life’s sweet embrace,
Where bonds are intertwined with love and grace,
There lies a tale of siblings’ affection,
A connection divine, beyond perfection.

Oh, Brother and Sister, hand in hand,
An unbreakable bond, so vast and grand,
Through laughter and tears, in joy and strife,
Together, navigating the journey of life.

In childhood’s realm, they built their dreams,
With giggles and mischief, their souls did gleam,
In secret whispers and shared mischief’s delight,
They painted memories, colors so bright.

Through fields of play, they roamed as one,
Creating stories beneath the golden sun,
Side by side, in harmony’s sweet refrain,
United by love, their hearts did sustain.

As time swept by, and youth did fade,
They faced life’s trials, unafraid,
Through triumphs and trials, they held each other,
For in their hearts, they were sister and brother.

In troubled times, when storms drew near,
They lent a hand, dispelling all fear,
With shoulders to lean on, hearts intertwined,
Their love, unyielding, forever defined.

Oh, the bond of brother and sister so rare,
A glory to adore, beyond compare,
Through life’s winding roads, they wander together,
Through all seasons, in any weather.

For in their hearts, love profound and true,
A symphony played by the chosen few,
Bound by blood, an eternal vow,
Brother and sister, here and now.

So let us applaud this sacred relation,
With gratitude and heartfelt deliberation,
For the tapestry woven, forever shall glisten,
The love of siblings, an undying mission.

Bound by blood, forever true,
Brother and sister, I glory you.

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  1. Riddhi, I am extremely impressed by your talent. This is a wonderful poem, very heartwarming. Not just the grammatical intonations here and there, but the overall message as well. Not “I love you”, instead, “I glory you.” Thank you, for recognising and truly showcasing the divinity of this pure bond.
    I loved how “Brother and Sister” turned to “brother and sister” towards the end. From an individual relation, you made it universal.
    The title itself is a striking alliteration.
    I’m sure this tapestry of life that you’ve woven via this poem, brings a lot more poems in the future. I’ll be waiting.

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