Am I really free?

Then why am I tied to thee

My husband, my father,

My son, my brother?

Why are my wings clipped?

Why am I not equipped

With schooling and education

Despite my adjurations!

Am I just meant to stay at home!

Why cannot I too like my brothers roam?

Why are my demands met with silence

And taken as my defiance?

I should be free to study,

Like everybody,

To run and play,

Sunday,Monday and everyday.

Like the sun I must have the right to shine,

Not to hide behind the shadows of thine,

I should be free to speak my mind,

Let me be free,for my ways to find,

Do not expect me to be deaf and blind,

Let me live my life freely,do not be unkind,

Treat me like you do your sons,

Letting me too have a free run.

Do not tie me up in shackles,

Stop shielding me in dark societal mantles,

Let me walk, run and fly,

Flap my wings and aim for the sky,

Do not push me behind dark age customs,

Do not get me trampled by tyrannical systems,

I want to go ahead,work and tackle

All my problems by myself,fight my own battles.

In this free country of mine,

When will I be free to shine?

When will stop treating

Me as a machine for giving

Birth to your next generation?

A girl by birth,always deserving damnation,

Understand,that I can rise to any occasion

And help in building a strong nation.

My mother!Do not kill me in your womb,

Nor kill me after birth and spell my doom,

I am your bundle of joy , not gloom,

Just give me some free space and room,

Give a little free air to breathe, not death,

Grant me my own free breath,

I promise to make you all proud,

All us daughters are immensely endowed.

This day this,this is a daughter’s appeal,

Please do not keep us concealed,

We can also see,hear and feel,

Like your boys, we too are made of steel,

Educate us,help us chose our goals,

Of our lives we can be in perfect control,

Just grant us a free flight,our freedom

And release us from your thralldom.


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