Love’s Golden Glow

The sun rises with a golden glow
A love that always grows
Its warmth and light , a beacon true
Leading lovers to a love so new.

The sun , witness to our love,
A silent partner in the sky above,
It watches over us , all day,
As we dance , sing and play.

The sun , a friend to all who seek,
A comfort to the lost and meek ,
It offers hope , a guiding ray,
Just like your love , a light to stay.

The sun , a mystery to behold
A story to be told and retold,
It beckons us to dream and hope ,
As we climb love’s endlees slope.

So let us bask in the sun’s warm glow,
And let our love flourish and grow,
For the sun, a symbol of love’s sweet grace,
Is a reminder of our love’s embrace.

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  1. Hi, Mahima. Reading your poem on a sunny monsoon morning was a pleasure. The description of the sun as a witness, friend and mystery gives the reader the various lenses through which they can analyse the metaphors of the sun. The sun is omnipresent in the sky yet it has its own phases of being which comes up in your poem. I find this unique as the moon is often associated with mystery and love and the sun is a monolithic element in poetry. You deconstruct that poetic expectation with your associations.
    I would also like to mention that the neat abab, cdcd rhyme scheme and the four-line verses (quatrains) add to the quality of your poem, creating an expectation in the reader’s mind, allowing them to focus more on the content. In addition, I find there is a narrative structure in your poem which begins and ends with the analogy between the sun and lovers, and in between unravels the many roles played by the sun to lovers.
    Thank you for sharing your poem, eager to read more.


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