You’re a Masterpiece..

You are a masterpiece of nature
A unique and precious soul
You have a beauty and a purpose
That no one else can hold

You are worthy of acceptance
And deserving of respect
You have a voice and a vision
That no one else can reject

You are a journey of discovery
A challenge and a gift
You have a power and potential
That no one else can lift

You are growing to love yourself
With compassion and with grace
You are embracing your own essence
With courage and with faith.

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  1. ‘You’re a Masterpiece’, is a beautifully written poem that captures someone who has crossed a lot of hurdles with great strength and pride. The structure of this poem is consistent where there are four stanzas and each of them have four lines. There is a huge amount of repetition used to pose emphasis on the phrase “You are” and “That no one else”, to possibly depict courage and strength. It was a very empowering poem and brings about emotions that the poet might have felt. The use of words like ‘compassion’ or ‘respect’ or even ‘potential’ create a very optimistic tone and environment around the reader and makes them more fascinated by the poem.


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