I could couch my noetic thoughts
To sky
As it can only hold the agony of a passerby,
Not a typical longing
But the stars are aware of it,
They’re still around the moon
With lost wit.
Summers’ moon, winters’ noon
Have My refugee soul;
Forced to leave the body to achieve its goal.
Embracing his thoughts,
Wishing for something which was never wrought,
Would commit me to paper,
Writing in the medial of a skyscraper
Just to escape from a neighbour.
No, no the longing didn’t die
I am stuck in this phase, can’t hie,
His intense eyes
Carrying the incomplete poetries,
My PARKER is still lying
As a showpiece,
Will these erratics ever make sense?
They are irresistibly dense!
Him, not knowing that I exist
Is her universe,
Black Hole- he is,
I touched the supernova with bare fingers;
The brightest death
Will make the world ablaze
I wish someone would be there
But not just to forget the haze!

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  1. Poem Review –


    A poignant poem that delves into the themes of longing, isolation and the impact of unrequited love. It portrays an emotional journey weaving imagery into what one feels.

    From contemplating the limitations of expressing their innermost thoughts to the vast sky, to finally yearning for someone who will help embrace her difficulties and not just run away from it, this poem talks about the perplexity of the mind. It creates introspection, drawing the reader into the journey it is set to take them through.

    The poem begins with acceptance that the sky may be a way for relieving one’s thoughts but cannot quite comprehend the depth of a longing. The contrasting perspective of the stars and the moon being together, emphasizes on the poet’s yearning for something intangible. A displaced soul being forced to leave its confines, an unfinished story desperately trying to escape the mundane – the piece describes frustration, entrapment, yearning and embrace in their raw forms, establishing a personal connection with the reader.

    It is interesting to note the mention of the “Parker” being used as a metaphor and a hint towards a mind affected by loneliness and the past. The subtle mention of resorting to writing when in distress, speaks a lot. The analogy of a black hole, representing an all consuming force, reinforces the intensity of the poet’s feelings.

    The mention of touching the supernova with bare fingers and the reference to “the brightest death” suggests a willingness to embrace the intensity of emotions, even if it means facing destruction. The longing for someone who can understand and appreciate the depth of the poet’s emotions lingers in the final lines, leaving the reader with a sense of bittersweet yearning.

    This is a beautifully crafted poem that captures the complexities of unrequited love and the longing for connection. Through vivid imagery and introspective language, the poet invites readers to think about the depths of human emotion and the yearning for understanding.


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