Falling leaves in autumn

Falling Leaves in Autumn

The leaves of autumn’s tree,falling in a dance of glee,with the wind of Autumn breeze,slowly they drift and freeze.

Each leaf a perfect hue,
of crimson, orange, and blue,with swirls of yellow and brown,they flutter to the ground.

The sound of the leaves rustling,the wind singing while it’s hustling,the air getting chillier and colder,the season changing from Summer to Fall.

The sun is setting, the twilight comes near,
the sky is a brilliant orange and clear,the night’s chill is on its way,the stars are shining in the night’s display.

The trees are now bare and grey,the leaves are all gone away,their dance with the wind is done,they swirl and twirl until they are gone.

The leaves of autumn have made their way,
from the trees to the ground,a reminder that the time has changed,
and that winter is just around.

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