I Could call mine

I love myself and i enjoy alone time
But i want someone i could call mine
Some one to talk about my life and how my day was
How many of my nails are broken and what was the cause
The time I woke up or what kept me up whole night
Sometimes i just need someone i could call mine
want to tell you what my horoscope says ,how people suck and what’s the colour of the sky today
Talk about my fears and what made me upset
Tell you about my friends and how we met
Want to share about how my thoughts and the universe align
Sometimes i just need someone i could call mine
Want to share my deepest secrets and also my weekend’s plan
Talk about astrology and the Thai actors i stan
Talk about my favourite shows and the books i love
My favourite foods which i never get enough
Tell you about the music i listen to in shower and how everytime the soap slips off my hand
Tell you about my dream and the nightmares i have and how much i enjoy running on the sand
Talk about my goals,my aspirations, and my priorities
The places i love and how i like the reels about swifties
Want to share what makes me happy and my eyes shine
Sometimes i just need someone i could call mine
Want to share my lows, and the guilts i have
The lies i told and the type of content i save
Want to tell about the problems i have and how i use my rudest behaviour as my shield
What hurts me the most and how i healed
I know i am enough for me but i need someone to hold me close
In better and worse, for happiness and remorse
I want someone to tell me how much they love me and what they adore
Someone who just doesn’t change colours behind closed doors
I just need someone to be by my side even when everything goes wrong
Even if people go against me or my whole world gets shattered
I need someone to just walk along
No matter how much i go through or wherever i roam
I just need someone i can always run back to
Someone who just feels like home
They say for everything there’s a right time
So i will wait until i could call you mine!

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