Off- White

I have poured my mind
On the willing off-white pages,
Through the sharp midnight blue ink of my pen.
The back of my notebooks looks like a scar.
Oozing blue instead of red.
It looks like a compliment on my incompetence.
An ugly scar of the battle I entered but never won.
A scratch on my creativity,
Whose existence is still questionable.
I wish to write about
The greatness of mother nature.
About how swing of one sword
Ended with massacres of not only humans but humanity.
About how every time power is graced by female presence
Sexism has stalked and hunted,
those feminine energies who dared.
Either as a witch burned at stake
Or called a bitch for being bold
To use metaphors,
Like how thread of different colors together
Looks like a soul, a soul full of melodies
Of life experiences inked with colors.
But at the same time
Its weak strands which can be pulled apart,
Tells about mortal coil.
I wish to write about
How my doubts and insecurities
Doesn’t let me heal the scars
On the willing off-white pages

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  1. “Off-White” is a deeply reflective poem that explores the challenges of self-expression and the struggles faced by the poet. Through vivid imagery and metaphors, the poem delves into themes of personal doubt, the power dynamics of gender, and the fragility of life. The poet’s words evoke a sense of vulnerability and introspection, leaving a lasting impression on the reader. Overall, “Off-White” offers a thought-provoking glimpse into the complexities of creativity and the emotional hurdles one must overcome 🌻.

  2. In “Off-white,” the poet spills their thoughts onto willing, scarred pages, using midnight blue ink as a metaphorical wound. They yearn to celebrate mother nature while exposing the dark consequences of power and female presence. The poet’s doubts and insecurities hinder the healing of these scars, revealing the struggle to find self-assurance. This introspective piece delves into the fragility of creativity and the universal battles faced by femininity. With vivid imagery and heartfelt words, “Off-white” captures the profound essence of artistic expression, highlighting the power of vulnerability and the complexities of embracing one’s creative voice.

  3. “Off-white” is a relatable piece of work depicting the deep impact self-doubt has on an artist’s ability to devise. The poem is laced with metaphors that depict the creative barrier that the poet faces due to self-doubt and their strive towards perfectionism, indicated by the numerous marked-out works in the back of their notebook, making it ooze blue from the ink of a pen. This is a witty and appropriate use of personification. Subsequently, the poet lists various subjects of matter they would explore, starting with the unmatched tremendous power that nature holds, how with a single swing of a sword, she was able to massacre humans as well as humanity, the latter a testament to the lack of compassion portrayed by mankind during disasters, to the prevalence of sexism from 1600 to the present. They have outlined how back then women who were believed to possess power were burned at the stake and now, they get addressed by derogatory terms. The most beautiful metaphor in this poem is the comparison between thread and soul, the inclusion of “mortal coil” a reference from Shakespeare’s Hamlet is simply perfect, regardless of the magnitude of experiences that color the thread, the weak strands will be unwound regardless. The poet ends the poem in the same tone he had started it, indicating how their insecurity constraints their freedom to create.

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