Sleep while u can
For death is inevitable for a man
Like you and me
For all the reasons i flee was to escape reality, the tree
Which stands on my chest,
It keep going deeper and deeper.

It has surrounded the soil,
It grows tighter and tighter and
Suddenly I feel lighter
Even though I can’t breathe.
But just let me be
For this is what was meant for me.

And now I’m gone, but yellow will remind you of me,
Rain pours, carries the old.
Green shines bright
As if it were the only light
Joy surrounded, for this is profounded.

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  1. “Ethereal Whispers” is an enthralling poem about mortality, escapism, and the delicate balance between life’s burdens and fleeting moments of joy. The poem invites readers to consider the transient nature of existence and the longing for freedom from the constraints of reality through its concise yet powerful verses.

    The first lines, “Sleep while u can / For death is inevitable for a man,” establish a sense of urgency and introspection right away. The poet’s words carry a weight that reflects the universal truth of our mortality, encouraging readers to seize and value the present moment.

    In the midst of the darkness and struggle, the poem takes an unexpected turn in the final section, introducing vibrant and natural imagery. Yellow serves as a reminder, rain serves as a carrier of the old, and the shining green light adds a touch of beauty and hope. It implies that even in the face of adversity, there can be moments of joy and rejuvenation, illuminating the path to a profound understanding of life.


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