Sketched Apart

This Poem is based on the sketch uploaded along with it.. Couldn’t think of any other title than this one truly depicting the origin of poem and also the loneliness of lad gazing down.., thus depicting the sketch also..:


Glancing from the tree’s crest
Sidelined by the dimensions of piece
Happiness just flattered for a moment
After taking the rest in peace

With wooden swings swivelling
And the girl accompanying the left wing
Happiness did squander the moment dreaming
Being assured of bliss privileging

Squaring its eyes now
Adamant to move as in the same phase of dreaming
Happiness did find itself missing..
The past elements of human whispering

Gazing down in despair
Heaving the loss of pair
Happiness tried to give another stare
But found the scenario hardly rare

With the left swing down in open
And the creeper holding the ropes which were broken
Happiness sighed the back of the lad and smiled..
Hanging his head down he seemed fragile

Smile?? Coz the sketch missed its element for a while?
Or coz the sketch didn’t put the spectrum in style?
Although the sketch was still monotonous in black and white..
Even then why the happiness smiled on a fragile?

It was a virtual sketch and virtual eye..
The happiness was virtual and so was the smile..
But the creators were nothing but real you and I
So the real happiness did smile..
On nothing but the another piece of a pile..

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