The Bell

Standing in front of the wardrobe you made
You built flower branches just to decorate
Told me not to be afraid, ‘I am there for you
Just ring this bell I will make the space for two.

The night is silent, I can hear the stars speak
I walk towards the house painted Blue, Yellow, and Green
The house is decorated with the same flowers as you
I saw father and daughter chattering over hue
Spreading love and happiness as if that is all they knew.

I walked past them just to meet with goodbye
Stood near the ocean where you kissed and spoke your first hi
Now I am walking towards the grave where everyone stays

I keep ringing the bell, but no one answers
I embrace your head, for you to recognize this father
With no response, I touch the door
Reminding you, this is not adieu

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  1. This is such an emotional poem. It speaks about how precious the bond between a father and daughter is. The references and citations are really beautiful and just make it entirely unique.

  2. This poetry adores about the wardrobe built by some one dear to them and it is expressed how beautifully it was decorated with flowers. The line where the poet says “not to be afraid, Iam there for you” shows the affection of love towards his daughter. He indicates the vibrant coloured house which is decorated with flowers suggesting aborable connection between father and daughter. The persona walks past the father and daughter, emphasizing a sense of detachment. The mention of goodbye and standing near the ocean where their first greetings took place and walking towards the grave suggests an absence and resting place of a loved one. The ringing of the bell is conveyed as the attempt to reach the loved one. The touch of the door and the reminder that this is not a final farewell indicate a refusal to let go completely, a desire to maintain a connection or to hold onto the memories.
    Overall the poetry convey the emotions of love and sorrow for their loved ones.


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