the dreaming girl

Look at the girl,
Whose head is always held high;
Dreaming to fly in a clear blue sky,
Aware of wings can only take her that high.

You can never catch her,
No matters.. how hard you try.
Hurdles can’t break her so down,
But tears being caught, falling off her eyes.
The huge population doesn’t give a damn to her screams,
Always trying to crush her dreams.
In the mean world, she learned
‘How the problems to be dealed?
Although the wounds seemed to be green and yet not healed.

She asks life,
“In difficulties, Why? Why you always choose me?
Life replies…
“Don’t worry! I found only you, whose seems worthy enough to defeat me.”
Now… Attitude towards life has changed.
“Come on! Life, am strong enough so just.. try me.” She claims.

So many questions on her mind, Going through a journey,to which the world is blind.
‘Answers to the questions are quite difficult to find’, states a few.
She seems to be focussed towards her aim,
So the discouraging phrases doesn’t seemed to be a new.

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