Wedding Bells.

As she emerges from among the decorated trees,
life flashes in the form of memories;
seems like it were hardly a few hours,
when I’d seen her smile at the ring and flowers.

Down the aisle as I take her arm,
the sun also shines bright and warm;
never have I ever seen this glow,
that reflects on her face and lets me know;
this time it’s true, the love she has found,
and it’s enough for her to want it around.

Staring at her as she takes her wows,
hearing the laughter with the bouquet she throws;
freely from my eyes the tears flow,
as I realize it’s time for my little angel to go.

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  1. the poem portays the feelings of a father as she walks down the aisle to her new life . the poet has used simple and understandable words while maintaining the beauty of his feelings. this indeed is a topic that’s not talked about enough as it is hard for a man to let go of his daughter . The man was a bit reluctantant and sad about this detachment but as he saw the glow she had in her eyes when she walked the aisle he realised that it is time to let her go. it is a beautiful poem that makes the reader feel his thoughts firsthand however i do feel that a something more related to either her childhood or something that shows his strong bond and emotional attachment to her should’ve been added .


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