Are you still watching the moon

Are you still watching the moon?
Still shining, a beacon of hope
in the midst of the darkness that looms.
The enigma of memory, mysterious melody, nothing but a calm lullaby.
If every catastrophe could heal,
If all the bad omens were averted.
Could we strive to survive,
this eerie stillness of the night?
The epitome of beauty and passion,

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  1. Hello!
    Your poem is written in a beautiful manner. Any person looking at the moon in night would come across such thoughts. I also liked the vocabulary you used here.

    “Could we strive to survive,
    this eerie stillness of the night?”
    This line speaks a lot. When one is surrounded by solitude, such questions do pop up in one’s mind. The theme of your poem is good. I also liked your description throughout the poem.

  2. Are you still watching the moon
    A concise work of art that subtly questions the reader, “are you strong enough to hold on to hope?”
    In very few words the poet paints the entire picture of going through tough times in life with hope, keeping alive the legacy of your journey by commemorating your roots. The dark tough times are depicted by the night, hope by the moonlight and, the strength that never let’s the flame of hope dwindle is depicted by the memory of lullaby, a strong positive memory from the past. We all need something to hold on to, when facing tough times don’t we.

    The verse further takes a surprising turn as it continues to question its reader, if all the difficulties and disasters
    were averted would the eerie night have been bearable? It subtly implies here that even if the miseries are averted one can still not find his happiness because we seek it outside of us and we blame the night (the situation). Hence the last line follows, the epitome of beauty and passion flawed.

  3. Priyanshu, you really have managed to write a beautiful piece in crisp manner. I like how the verse continues to have its’ conscious as it trails the end. Kudos on that.


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