Autumns tale

The rain is speaking quietly,
And so is the moon
To the clouds that cover the sky,
When it’ll be midnight soon.
About the autumn that freed the summer,
When the winds came by
And the trees bid farewell,
To the leaves with a sigh.
The rain drops on the window,
Whispered to the breeze
And they prayed for a safe journey,
Of those crimson leaves.
The rain is speaking quietly,
And so is the moon
To the sun ready to come up
And it’ll be morning soon.

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  1. The poem is simple yet powerful. It brings to mind the image of autumn through the natural view of things. Blending with the simple words is the rhyme that evokes a familiarity of things known. In talking of the rain and the moon, there is a sense of loss and wanting that is highlighted through words such as “farewell” and “sigh.” There are implications to natural elements while maintaining a humane front to emotions they evoke. The poem emphasizes the writer’s creativity and ingenuity in turning a normal occurrence of seasonal change into a deep personification of feelings. The poem ends with a positive note (a reference to morning) and provides an optimistic approach to the oncoming day.

  2. The magical moments of the poem make me wish for the night to last a bit longer so that the sun comes out brightly as ever. Brilliant stand on love and the ray of happiness these beautiful feelings bring to the table. It is an awarding state of being. To bring out this evergreen topic in its own way is very profound in its own. The character scheme is well thought through and the rhythm scheme was on point. Very well written.


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