A few years ago,
You were quite a foe.
Always invincible and unfair
Throwing my life into so much despair.

Oh…what a mysterious hoax you are!

Ever the volatile game-changer and
Never the constant companion.
If only you could;
make our moments last longer,
Then our memories would have been stronger.

But Alas, What an impatient sorcerer you are!

Turning the blissful to bitter,
As if they wouldn’t even matter.
And throwing us into;
The seas of sorrow,
The heaps of hardships,
The cluster of confusions,
The herds of hurdles,
The constellation of challenges,
Not to mention,
The ocean of mental issues,
And all in the name of a better tomorrow
And the best YOU.

Oh…..What a wicked wizard you are!

Making the exact opposite happen
Of what we expect, as if it’s a given.
Though it’s still with;
A flicker of fun,
A whisper of wisdom,
A pinch of pain,
A ray of hope,
A sprinkle of miracle
And an inch of irony,
Yet, we can’t help but wonder,
Why couldn’t you be a bit more kinder?

Oh……what a twisted teacher you are!

Pushing us from the better to the best,
From the stupidity to sensibility,
From the craziness to the clarity,
From the foolishness to the foresight,
And from the rawness to the resilience.

Oh….what a marvelous mentor you are!
Always have been,
Always are,
And always will be.
Maybe we should have seen it sooner,
That you are;
The healer of hearts,
The teller of truths,
And the expert of experiences.

Maybe we were wrong all along
Thinking that you happen to us,
While, in reality, you always happen for us.

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  1. “Dear Time” is a heartfelt reflection on the enigmatic nature of time and its impact on our lives. The poem eloquently captures the paradoxical relationship we have with time, highlighting its ability to both bless and challenge us. The author skillfully weaves together vivid imagery and thought-provoking metaphors to convey the rollercoaster of emotions experienced throughout life’s journey. While expressing a longing for more time and questioning its fairness, the poem ultimately embraces the transformative power of time as a catalyst for growth and resilience. With its profound insights, “Dear Time” serves as a poignant reminder to cherish every moment and find meaning in life’s intricacies


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