Drafts of hallows..

Waking to a draft of air the moonlight empowers the scape, shadows cast to the floor. The smells of grass carried through the windows and the feel of wood on the sill.. I look out and see a world of darkness fall on the land all is gone and I am removed the moon stands alone with nowhere to cast it’s light but to the skin of my once warm pajama clothed body.. the air is cold and I grasp but the movement  takes me nowhere despite where I turn I am right side up. The air now so cold it pierces my lungs and the draft has slithered up my sleeves and wrapped my pajamas around my legs. All fades from me and the world is placed far away from me it is I, here. The face was starting to tingle and as I separated I found myself looking at my cast now lifeless with the eyes closed pajamas growing colder. The feeling was mutual and I felt the split..

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