I grow up day by day,

And you are getting old

Every second, you time was passing

And my time is turning in gold.

You always do work hard

And I was getting lazy,

Maturity can be seen on your face

And I am going to be crazy.

You are always in the limits

And I am crossing them daily,

I know, You were facing the bad time

When I was living gaily.

You always do everything for me

And your desires have been suppressed

I promise, Will be successful one day

And will fill all those your hand’s chapped.

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  1. “Father” is a heartfelt poem that reflects on the passage of time and the speaker’s growth, while expressing deep gratitude towards their father. The poem beautifully contrasts the father’s hard work and maturity with the speaker’s initial laziness and recklessness, highlighting the generational differences. The imagery and emotional depth add layers to the poem, evoking a sense of introspection. Ultimately, the poem conveys a profound appreciation for the sacrifices made by the father and promises future success to fulfill his unfulfilled desires.
    Rating 4.5/5


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