A mind full of thoughts
A mind full of chaos,
A mind with so much to say
But your mouth always betrays. 

A mind that is spiralling with emotions,
that you don’t know how to start talking,
But how can you express these feelings without bursting into tears? How can you tell them what you’re going through without sharing your fears?

You need to trust them.
You need to trust someone.
But that’s the thing about trust—it was something you once had with big, glistening eyes and a heart that had its own mind.
You gave and gave and gave till you had nothing left to give, for it to turn out to be one of your biggest regrets.

It’s okay to cry.
It’s okay to cry with this built-up rage and this built-up anger that you have bottled up.
These built-up thoughts that have captured your mind and soul
This built-up frustration from years ago

Honey, you don’t need someone to heal you.
You don’t need someone to love you to love yourself.
You don’t need anyone but yourself to take care of that young little girl who once had so much hope.
She had so much love to give.
She had so much faith in herself and big dreams to live.
Now, all you have to do is just love her a little bit more.
Love that girl, take care of that girl, make her happy, make her proud,
Coz she would want you stick up for yourself when no one does around.

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