Love : A business

Once Upon a time
And a few mistakes ago
I looked at his eyes
And things get wrong.
He smiled at me
I got bit shy
He took a step ahead
Walk beside me.
Whispered in my ears
As he asked me out
My heart raced fast
And I hold my breath.
I stand at his sight
Everytime we meet
He kept the distance
Which bothered me.
Suddenly I asked him,
“What is Love? ”
Hoping him to say,
“It’s you”.
But instead he said,
Love is a business,
A business of loss.
I asked him why.
I looked deep inside his eyes
He wanna cry
He laughed even when he’s sad.
Later that night,
I got a call,
I smiled because that him
Whom I was waiting for.
He told me the answers
Of the questions I forgot to ask.
He said,
Love is a business of loss
You invest your Currency
Which is your precious heart To someone
And instead gets a negative outcome
Which is the hurting painful pain
Every night you cry
Your pillow is the contract of this business
And your tears are the seal and signature
You signed this contract of loss
And foolishly invest your currency
Pain, is the outcome of this business
That’s why Love is a business of loss.
He said, “Let’s not meet again ”
I hung up the call
I looked at my pillow
And a tear dropped on my pillow.
Everything went wrong
When I talked about love.
A dream of business,
A negative investment
A painful contract
And a worthless currency.
He was right,
Love is a business of loss.

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