The clear blue sky,

Invites me to fly,

High, high,high,

See the world go by,

With my twin eyes,

All before I go and die.

As the peacocks cry,

Standing on the Earth dry,

While the floating clouds lie,

Across the sky as they ply,

The dark sparrow appears a spy,

When the rains shy.

Humans sigh,

Days turn hot and dry,

The end seems nigh,

All hassled as I,

Throats parched,smiles wry,

Patience is what they try.

The sun rays the horizon dye,

The dew drops all wait to buy,

Does God punish this way? Oh why?

Oh!He will never reply,

They will have to themselves try,

Before they bid final goodbye.

Once the clouds pour down and satisfy,

The cracked,thirsty earth and comply

With heaven’s wishes and indemnify,

Against thirst,making the clouds pour as they pry,

As the quick lightenings spry;

And everything is wet and satiated nearby.

When the rains come by,

Feeding rivulets thereby,

Thus gratify, 

To beautify

Our Earth and glorify,

Calming all,the raindrops singing a lullaby.

And all this before I go and die,

With my twin eyes,

See the world go by,

As the clear blue sky,

Invites me to fly,

High,high, high.

– Madhumita

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