She & Flower

She was sad today, a flower would help me

Isn’t it beautiful how something mere with different colours can cheer her?
Is it that thing or the way she finds happiness in everything that surrounds her?

A flower is what costs me to elevate her mood

She resembles it,

Delicate, to take care of

Beautiful, as she is

Colourful, to catch my attention

Sensitive, when she is touched

Elegant, as she shines

The happiness on a kiddos face when she gets her favourite doll Yeah, the same thing which I see in her

At this point of time, I am happy for that flower as she adores it, she completes those petals with her smile, her soft touch, the glitter in her eyes and the slow heartbeats.

The flower is blessed, and watching this beautiful and soulful moment my teary eyes might call her, you know what she will do? She will catch those tears and drop them on those flowers.

Yes she adores me as well.

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