The brightest smile

In the canvas of my memories, there’s a smile,
Radiant and warm, it lingers for a while.
Etched upon my heart, forever to stay,
A precious moment that brightened my day.

It was a smile that danced with pure delight,
Like sunbeams breaking through clouds so white.
A twinkle in the eyes, a curve of pure bliss,
A simple gesture, but it held the power to uplift.

That smile spoke a language, words could not convey,
It whispered of joy in the most enchanting way.
It painted colors on a canvas of my soul,
Filling my spirit with a happiness untold.

In that fleeting moment, time stood still,
And all the worries and troubles were nil.
That smile embraced me with its gentle grace,
Melting away my worries, leaving no trace.

I often find myself revisiting that smile,
Its magic and warmth, it’s been a while.
Though the years may pass, it remains vivid and clear,
A cherished memory, forever held dear.

For that smile, a treasure in my heart it will be,
A reminder of the beauty in humanity.
A beacon of hope, a touch of pure grace,
A smile I can never forget, in any time or place.

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