Surrounded by his strong slender fingers,

She felt secure,as they stood near the springer,

His masculine,strong fragrance lingered,

Making her fall under his spell,in that pre-winter,

She made herself more comfortable,unhindered,

While his warm breaths to her,whispered,

She felt his warmth all over her,

As his fingers prodded over her silky figure,

The stars shone like pieces of silver

And the heat of his fingers made her shiver.

To see his face,she looked up coyly,

Stealing glances shyly,

She felt his throbbing muscles,

Was confused because of her inner tussles,

Her emotions which welled up for him,

Her immature self,that told her twas her fanciful whim,

Still she felt like offering her whole self

To him,almost sure of his love for herself,

While he stood there caressing and fondling,

The small little Night Jasmine was beautifully blossoming. 

Coming together were their feelings pristine,

She the pure, flawless, young virgin, 

With the macho man,with an attitude adamantine,

She falling in love every second,in the windy din,

He suddenly stooped and kissed the silk,

Of her body, as white as milk,

She squirmed and wriggled to free herself,

For she felt melting away in him all by self,

She felt the adrenaline rush;knew it was indicative of,

Her warm feelings for him,that she was in love.

She wanted to tell him of her love,

In no terms did she want to let go of

His grip around her fragile body,

Under the celestial night gaudy,

He  stood embodied like a Roman God

So full of love,not a bit flawed,

A strong masculine jaw and muscles twitching,

As he felt her ethereal beauty bewitching,

Towards her he felt a strange attraction,

With the Night Jasmine,he was in love,so full of passion.


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