In the early hours of that cool night,

Showed the Night Jasmine bright,

A beautiful,white and pure bud,

With ethereal beauty running through like blood,

Created with Nature’s immense love,

She was here to spread true love,

An image of simple purity,

She was a picture of naivety,

The dew drops fed her with life,

As she was surrounded by loosestrife.

She is here to spread happiness,

Not only through her beauty and prettiness,

But to do away with all unhappiness

And any kind of sappiness, 

She swayed in the cool breeze,

Surrounded by the sturdy trees,

She stood there with eyes closed,

The blood running in her rosed, 

She waited for life to wake her up,

Bring to her lips the soulful cup

It was then that ‘He’ came near her,

To take a short breather

And breathed into her the nectar, 

She needed as a catalytic receptor,

His fingers over her slipped,

Her heart flipped and skipped,

She felt all over her the glowing warmth,

To his hands,herself she did bequeath,

Thus in the wee hours of this morn,

The Night Jasmine is now born.


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