Wonder Woman

“Lord?” A boy asked,
“Is there a person who can multitask?
No, right? Then bestow us with one.
For, is it too much to ask?”

Little boy, look around you,
You will see nothing new,
But a person you will surely see..
Look at your mother,how strong is she?
Not a single task she can’t do,
Who cares for you when you get a flu?
Cooking to working to maintaining bonds,
She is difficult to understand like a deep pond.

Thousands of burden she carries,
A peaceful world for her is imaginary.
She is born with fear,
Many taboos and myths she has to clear.
From discrimantion to no appreciation,
She always fights against depreciation.
She is a prey in thousands of eyes,
Because people like to jeopardize.

But no! She will get up..
Earlier she may have been a pup
Now her heart is not corrupt.
Everyday she fights for herself..
Trust me, she has a lot on her shelf.

You can take away her smile,
She will strengthen herself meanwhile.
Law and engineering they can study,
Give them a chance somebody?
She can’t be out late at night,
The rules you have kept are surely tight.
She needs to learn self defense,
But when will you learn self resistance?!
She can wear anything she likes,
Yes she can also learn to ride a bike.
She can make you proud,
Just scream her achievements loud!
She is not soft
She can be as cold as a frost.
Whether she is Greta or Seema Rao
Never question ‘how?’.
The difficulties she has to face,
She always accepts them with a grace.

“Who is she lord?”
In a world of superman
She is a superwoman.
Who fights for justice
And can handle any crisis.
Mothers, nurses, doctors, officers, engineers
All professions she can clear.
She is the creator, but she can destroy too,
This wonder is a woman for you.
She is a woman, she is a girl,
She is as beautiful as a pearl..
Beware! When time comes she can be as strong as a whirl!

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