You used to be mine

I was 12,
when i first saw you with guitar,
wind swaying your hair,
that momoent you became my star.

saw in the shade,
smiling at me,
i looked at you,
i you waved at me.

your eye,
Is inspiring my emotions to tie,
your smile,
always gives me a suprise.

when you are around me,
my atmosphere is like a love ceremony,
for me,your presence,
is like a chandelier.

whenever you sing,
i forget everything,
in that time its only you and me,
for me,your love is like a love sting.

but i have not seen you for while,
i still wait for you on the same spot,
you must be on vacation,
thats what i thought.

but, somebody said,
you got a new freind,
singing him the love songs,
which was in trend.

i still feel you,
cause,i almost had you.right?
i miss your voice,
but this has inspired me to write.

you were perfect,
And i tried,
dreamed of me being your groom,
and you being my bried,
i still wish we could dine,
cause you used to mine.

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