My fingers, my thumbs run my own little world, you know!
They connect me to my peers – my people. The people. They type what my heart shouts, but mouth stays shut.
I look at my palm I love wearing henna when they say “Henna stains speak of the deeper love”!
Do they really mean that? Is it so significant? Will they bring me fortune and good luck?
I know not.

But… I am sure, the fingers, the thumb, the palms – they are all in a relationship. A romantic one! ‘Cuz, they so complete each other.
They complete me, as well. My expressions, my thoughts, and my love by putting them into mere words.

These hands – these techie hands – don’t just type out codes or touch the screens to solve problems.
They shower love, affection, and care too. They gift flowers too. To someone so full of life and love. ❤️
They share the relationship of touch with him. Caressing, rubbing the back of his hands and assuring of nothing, but positivity always.

In this dance of fingers, emotions unfold,
A language unspoken, yet truth be told.
For, in these hands, a world comes alive,
A symphony of love, in which we thrive.

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  1. The Symbolical Meaning of the Poem “An Ode to my hand” by Priyanka Mishra as far as I can understand is about the symphony of love. “AN ODE TO MY HANDS” is an heart touching and love
    poem. Its main idea is to show us how it is significant to listen to our inner voice and notice small things around us that can be so beautifully written.

    1. Truly! I really did try to portray the emotions all along. It’s much of how an introvert loves to express through her hands, texts, rather, when could not actually convey in person.
      Glad you liked it. Thank You, Mahi!

  2. The poem is well-written and the imagery is vivid. The speaker’s love for their hands is palpable, and the reader can feel the connection they have to their loved ones. The poem is also thought-provoking, as it explores the ways in which our hands can express our emotions.
    Overall, “An Ode to my hand” is a beautiful and moving poem that celebrates the power of the hands. It is a poem that will stay with the reader long after they have finished reading it.


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