Do you love me Ma?

“Mom, are you here?”
“Mom, can you hear?”
I keep asking in my mind
everytime I try to unwind.
All these things that I want to share
And I look at you in hopes that you might spare some care,
for me as well, your child,
so that I don’t have to dwell
on the thought, “Do you love me Ma?
Or do you loathe me Mumma?”
These questions don’t leave
my eyes linger to seize
some evidence, some clue
to calm the chaos that ensues
within me, day after day,
of seeing remorse replay.
Mom I am also your kid
Not an emotional support kit.
“Mom are you here?”
“Mom, can you hear?”
I keep asking in my mind
everytime I try to unwind.

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  1. A short but a beautiful poem. It captures the pain of having an absent parent. Well structured and perfectly woven together to let the reader have a peak inside the heart of a child who feels neglected by his/her mother. Your poem can easily capture attention and keep a reader hooked. The theme is also unique as many people are not open to talk about absent parents and this perfect piece of poetry brought out the original feelings. The feelings of conflict, confusion, sadness and most importantly loneliness have been described in the poem in a perfect manner.

  2. Hello. Love how you have captured the very unshakeable and tenuous relationship between a mother and a daughter. It’s crisp to the core, conveying a relationship barring a lack of presence that remains convoluted. The structure is seemingly glued to a blank verse and is more dialogic in nature without a response in sight. It almost beautifully captures the twists and turns that make up the lack of the presence of the mother – and how the mother’s role gets caught up to the child, in lieu of her mother being a child herself. I love how you have captured the contradictory emotions stemming out of this relationship like love turns to loathe, the mother becomes the child, and so on. I appreciate how it’s conversational top, but depicts your overwhelming yet contradictory emotions. Hope you improve further, beautiful work!


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