Entry #1: There Is Still Hope

**My doctor confirmed my condition, during our telephone call one
It’s known as Peripheral Neuropathy, & it’s nothing like I thought it
would be.
It’s progressive & incurable, affecting my nerves in every way,
And I still can’t fully process, that this is actually happening to me.
**Plus I cannot believe, all the torture this condition can do,
The number one thing that scares me, is that it’s going to destroy my
Also taking my motor functions, & my sensory to feeling too,
For this is one condition, that nobody on Earth deserves.
**So now with a better understanding, that I may never be rid of this
I’ll have to discover new ways, on how to be able to live with this &
In a sense I’ve come to accept it, though uncertain of how it gets
But as long as I keep pushing forward, I’ll know that there’s still hope.

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