The rivers furious and roaring,
In their fury they are snatching
Everything, on both sides,cutting
Away their own banks,trees,eliminating
Lives and all that came in between their way,
Listening to no one,having their own say.

Wish their flow was not bridled,
Their movements not curtailed,
Their banks not habitated,
Their hearts not sacrileged,
Couldn’t we treat them with respect,
And helped ourselves from being wrecked.

The forests vanishing under our axe,
Facing our unruly attacks,
The green covers are long gone,
Day by day leaving us with less oxygen,
The birds and bees are leaving fast,
Beware or else nothing for you will last!

The trees that fed us with their fruits
Why did we shake them from their roots?
They gave us innumerable benefits,
Why did we not stop cutting and give them credits?
Why didn’t we love our trees?
And now we crave for their shade and cool breeze.

The plains ,the valleys all damaged,
The colours,the beauty all destroyed,
Houses and buildings stand everywhere,
Not an air of freshness anywhere,
The concrete jungles gape at us,
Pointing no escape from any catastrophe for us.

The hills and mountains dyanamited and blasted,
Rudely and badly lambasted,
Reduced to being mere dwarfs,
They cannot even look for newer turfs,
They safeguard us,they stood mighty and high,
Today because of us in dust they lie.

Our wrong doings in the name of development,
Have spoiled the entire environment,
The shrunken glaciers,
Will one day break all barriers
And engulf everything within,
Let us get down to some serious thinking.

The earth by us ,badly raped and mutilated,
Badly injured and serrated,
What if her pain and wrath she demonstrated
To us,in her own way either extirpated
Or in her tears we are completely inundated,
And in turn decimated and deprecated!

Badly burdened the Earth shakes,
Many a homes in the process she breaks,
Many lives are bruised and battered,
And many a lives are then shattered,
But it is not her who is to be blamed,
It’s us who are to be shamed.

Are we ready to bear the worse,
Prepared to bear her curse,
Can we lend an ear to her complaints,
Can we stop the constraints,
Practice some restraints,
Treat her with immense respect,
Make with her some human connect.

Nature has to be shown some love,
The Earth needs to be pampered like lady love,
To take care of all her elements,
We know she is not malevolent,
Still not show our arrogance,
If we need to partake of her benevolence.

We have to rein in our lust,
Lest all means we exhaust,
To build her trust in us,
Stop all our acts so ungenerous,
If we want to leave a beautiful Earth for the future generations,
Let’s work towards creating waterful,beautiful, colourful,airy,fertile nations,
Leave behind an excellent,aware civilization,
That exists with Mother Earth in synchronisation.


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  1. This poem beautifully captures the dire state of our environment and serves as a wake-up call to the destructive actions we have taken as a society. It is a poignant and thought-provoking poem that delves into the destruction and disrespect humans have inflicted upon the natural world. Through vivid imagery and evocative language, the poet paints a vivid picture of rivers stripped of their banks, forests vanishing under the axe, and concrete jungles suffocating the air. The poem urges us to reflect upon our actions and consider the consequences of our greed-driven development.

    The heartfelt plea to treat the Earth with respect and gratitude resonates throughout the verses. The questioning tone prompts us to consider why we have neglected the trees that provided us with fruit, why we have reduced hills and mountains to mere rubble, and why we have not valued the natural beauty surrounding us. The poem highlights the interconnectedness of all elements of nature and the repercussions we face when we fail to nurture and protect them.

    The poet’s use of personification, attributing emotions and actions to the Earth, adds depth and impact to the message. The Earth is portrayed as a wounded entity, burdened and shaking under the weight of our actions. The warning of potential catastrophe and the urgency to change our ways are clear.

    This poem serves as a reminder of our responsibility to be caretakers of the environment, rather than exploiters. It calls for a shift in mindset, emphasizing the importance of love, respect, and sustainable practices in our relationship with nature. The poem prompts introspection and serves as a call to action, urging us to make a positive change to ensure a beautiful and harmonious future for both humanity and the Earth.

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