I don’t want to be a caged bird,
I want to be the bird of the forest!
I don’t want to be stopped from flying;
I want to shine high!
I want to be free from the conflicts of my mind;
I want to be free from the demons that chase me inside.
I want melancholy to be my strength!
I don’t want my mind break the spirit of my heart,
I even don’t want my feeble heart break my determined mind.
I don’t want my fears to cage me.
I don’t want my mind cage my thoughts.
I want my thoughts to be free like music!
I want to be free from within.

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  1. Review: Intriguing poetic verses,which embarks on the vision of ones liberty and freedom. The poetess wields the “caged bird” as a metaphor to describe how she doesn’t want to be confined by the stereotypical norms, and expresses her willingness to be free by incorporating words like “shine high”. The poetess then eloquently talks about her personal struggles,the use of the word “demons”, refers to the intrusive thoughts, which subsequently causes great distress and anxiety . Finally, the poetess powerfully portrays her strength to embrace herself and is determined change.


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