Hope is the most abundant thing in human life
When someone gets sick
Somehow u come to know that
You’ll never be okay
And u accepted that it’s maybe true
Then all hope is lost from his life
Even being alive seems pointless
And nothing left to do
Except eating and sleeping
U don’t care of day and night
U don’t care of anything
Sometime it feels like
If it’s day then it should be day
And if it is night then day will never come
And u just keep waiting for death
And suddenly there comes a hope
When your doctor say “there is still life left
You’ll be fine”
Don’t know if’ll be fine or not
These magical words
Get a new life and get a HOPE .
Hope is such a word
Its like someone said to a dying man
You will not die you can live again
Its like someone said to a lame person
You can walk again ..
It’s like someone said to blind woman
You can see the world again..
And yes the word hope gives me
the courage to live my life again..
So never lose hope
And live the life to the fullest.

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  1. Poem of Laxmi das about hope of life that gives soul to us. Poet tried pulls our minds into the flows of life. Hope is an essential thing in life that gives you motivation to live. Poet drawing our attention through her on experiences. When doctor said to her there is still an hope, it’s like saying to blind women that you can see the world or to a lame person that you can walk. Hope is the only thing that pulls into this worldly life. This poem reminds me the short story of O.henry named ‘The Last Leaf’. This short story picturing a girl who lost hope.
    This poem of Laxmi das relatable to many those lost hope and motivation to live. Poet concludes the poem with reminder don’t lose hope, don’t give up your life.


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