I don’t love you anymore.

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The term “I don’t love you anymore” is just clear stupidity. To like someone or something is the thought of giving that person or object some time of attraction until a mysterious day when something better comes along or until you become habituated to it and lose interest. To truly love something you have to be willing to go the extra mile and find more things you like about that thing to the point you die with such feelings. People like others because they’re not sure whether they could spend the rest of their lives together and just saying “I think I love them” is complete idiocy. If you have to think about whether you love something or not, it isn’t love, it’s just “like”. People tend to love certain foods and that concept may be true if they die with the same passion for it when it started.
That’s why the saying “I don’t love you anymore” is so stupid.
Because if you stopped liking them at one point and decided to exclude them from the rest of your life, you just liked them.
You never loved them from the start.

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