Miles away, lost ways,

Beating hearts finding tracks,

Curiosity just buries,

Slowly, Slowly…..

Discovering miseries

Hope of miracles to happen

Phoenix giving its warmest chills;

Deep within a sound struggles

And the words rooted within:

“Where I am, Where thou have been?

Hanging on the broken bridges;

Of life, observing crunches….”

Surrender thou to thy own self,

Mark, you get all your solutions,

Much clearer…

And much more brief,

Just keep your heart a little patient,

And thou eye with not a single grief….

Better, needs long time nearly

Afterall it is just…..slowly slowly!!


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  1. This poem takes readers on a contemplative journey filled with introspection and a search for meaning. The author effectively uses concise and rhythmic lines to evoke a sense of distance and longing. The repeated phrase “Slowly, Slowly” adds a meditative quality, inviting readers to slow down and reflect.
    The opening lines create a sense of being physically and emotionally distant, as if the narrator is miles away, both geographically and mentally. The imagery of beating hearts finding tracks suggests a search for purpose or direction.
    The lines “Where I am, Where thou have been? / Hanging on the broken bridges” portray a sense of observing life’s challenges and setbacks, yet remaining resilient.
    The poem encourages surrendering to oneself, suggesting that within lies the key to finding solutions. It advises patience and a lack of grief in order to gain clarity and peace. The repetition of “slowly, slowly” emphasizes the need for a gradual process of understanding and growth.
    Overall, this poem is a reflective piece that invites readers to embark on a personal exploration. The poet effectively employs imagery and repetition to convey a sense of distance, struggle, and ultimately, the potential for self-discovery. The poem encourages readers to approach life’s challenges with patience and to find solace within their own hearts. This is a beautiful piece of art.


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