Entry #2: Battling

**My mental state here lately, hasn’t been very well,
Mainly because of everything I’m medically battling through.
But whenever it’s gotten to be too much, I feel like I blasted through Hell,
My body’s physically drained, & my mind is also feeling it too.
**Since I first started coping with these horrific & progressive conditions,
It feels like I’ve been struck by a nuclear double curse.
Already knowing I’ve lost some mobility, it’s not fair there’s no remissions,
I’m just 37 yet inside, I can tell it’s only going to get worse.
**Though this one small realization, it’s tough to even say,
I literally wasn’t this feeble, just a few short years ago.
Back then I could walk with no issues, unfortunately I cannot today,
What I’m battling is like an avalanche, trying to bury me underneath its snow.
**And I can sense who’s reading this is curious, so I suppose it’s time that I reveal,
To let you know exactly how much pain I’m having to endure.
It’s both Neuropathy and Lymphedema, killing the nerves which allows me to feel,
I hate that it’s even happening, even God agrees I’m sure.
**So for now I will close this poem & go,
No matter how much pain I’m in, I’m still going to enjoy my day.
Although I’m hurting terribly, I’m trying hard to not let it show,
Because not even these two conditions, can steal my happiness away.

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