Forgotten words

Focused on my unseen,
Wash away this dirt that wont come clean,
Trying to walk my unsurity with positivity,
Learning what cant be taught, muscle memory,
Without a thought, whats severing me..

Whats always been lost, no finding me,
At all cost, whats binding me by blood,
Shed and bleed for you, out of love,
What i need to do, i wont run,
Gotta see this through, cant see what to do

What have i become, not news to you,
Not new to me, this is old news,
What can i do, but push on through,
Just a fluke, sick like the flu,
Sucher up, and lick my wounds.

Filter this hate, cause of fate, lost my faith,
Ill just turn the page, rattle this cage,
Keep this hope, one day it shall break,
Whats mistaken, cant rewrite the written,
Keep your ears perked and closely listen,
Cant be found, what you dont know is missing,
Find thy way, through a vision,
Keep my place, this mobile prison,
A hard decision, dont need permission.

In this prysm, head on collison,
Work with precision, my own commision,
I was dead, but since have risen,
Earned this wisdom, a learned condition,
My mind is twisted, due to a lucked up system,
Broken parts, worn down engine.

I stand apart, i walk a legend,
Play these cards, but not who dealt them,
Came a long way, havnt gotten far,
The further torn apart, chosen with his mark,
X marks the spot, rewrite this plot,
Wanted to say something,  the words ive forgot..

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