Emotions are only emotions

And emotions are everything


Emotions are universal

But emotions are unique also


Emotions can’t be denied

But all emotions are not good


Emotions exists everywhere

But real emotions are rare


Emotions make you fool

But also make you cool



Some emotions give you best taste

But some make your life “a waste’’


Some emotions help life to embrace

But sometimes make us embarrass


Emotions are found everywhere

With everyone

But different is the dare

To express them with everyone


Emotions are of great importance

But some have with them grievance

Emotions sometimes heal us

But sometimes destroy a great part of us




Sometimes emotions are pure

For someone’s sure

But sometimes dirty

For people like flirty


Emotions can’t be described as a whole

Even not only their rise or fall


My emotions are only mine

And not yours

Also yours not mine

Except those are ours….


                                                                                                   BY- KUMAR   BUNTY


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